Six Foot Two Amazon Goddess Mara Jade Has Sexy Soles

Filmed by - Radius Dark

Added - Dec 26, 2016

Featuring - Mara Jade

I love Mara Jade. She's a good talker and loves flirting with those soles and toes. Check out the video to see why she loves foot men!

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31 photos |  10:40

Beautiful Big Foot Bam

  Added 28th Jul 2016
Long legged ladyboy Bam puts her equally long, beautiful feet up on the table to give you an all access pass to her perfect pretty soles. She rubs her feet together methodically and scrunches her soles to give you every last wrinkle you desire. If you love legs, long toes, and big feet, you'll love this one!
24 photos |  10:52

Ploy Takes You to the Long Toe Promise ...

  Added 2nd Jun 2016
Ploy does a good job of showing off her toes in this video. Toe fans will love seeing Ploy wiggle her super long toes.
33 photos |  5:46

Scarlett Peggings Sexy Wrinkled Soles

  Added 1st Dec 2016
Scarlett Peggings is not shy about showing off her cute feet and the wrinkle action that goes on when she works those toes is amazing.
43 photos |  11:18

Stacie Maguire's Ultra Long Legs and Se...

  Added 29th Sep 2016
Stacie Miguire is an amazing 6'5” with crazy long legs. She's got some thin feet with some plump toes on them. I think she wears a size 12 shoe, but I'm not sure. Stacie takes over. She commands you to get your face in there and worship her feet.
17 photos |  11:47

Nam's Powerful Feet in "The Pose"

  Added 30th May 2016
Nam has extremely powerful size 14 feet (in dispute) that she shows off her. What can't be disputed is the absolute power her soles possess to make a foot boy drop to his knees and bury his face in them!
38 photos |  8:25

Beth Bell's Petite Feet!

  Added 28th Nov 2016
Petite cutie Beth Bell shows off her little size 7.5 feet on the bed!