Bailey Love Shows Off Her Soft Soles on the Bed

Filmed by - Radius Dark

Added - Jan 20, 2017

Featuring - Bailey Love

Bailey Love shows off her soft soles by putting them up on the bench at the end of the bed, then turns around and puts them in the pose. You're going to love hearing her talk about her sexy feet.

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47 photos |  8:24

Sexy Ashlee Alespia Takes Off Her Hot, ...

  Added 10th Jul 2017
Ashlee takes off her shoes and socks to show off those pretty, size 13 soles. They're very wrinkled and perfectly shaped.
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Alina Grace's Succulent Soles

  Added 7th Jul 2017
Cute little tiny girl Alina Grace shows off her wide, succulent soles that wrinkle up every time she scrunches her toes. She loves showing off her soles and would love nothing more than to have you give her a foot rub.
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Patrice Hepburn's Tiny Feet are Perfect!

  Added 5th Jul 2017
Patrice Hepburn has smaller feet than any other t-girl I've seen other than Tallia Skye. She wears a size 7 and her feet are super soft, wrinkled, and flexible. They're gorgeous.
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Alexa Vex Removes Her Flip Flops & Want...

  Added 3rd Jul 2017
Alexa takes off her flip flops and shows off her sexy soles, commanding you to put your tongue in between her toes. She spreads her toes and shows off her plump soles. She stands up, leaving your face by her feet as she tip toes and shows off the soles of her feet from ground level.
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Chanel Noir Has Sexy Wrinkled Soles

  Added 30th Jun 2017
Chanel is a tall girl with some of the prettiest, most flexible soles that have some of the more delectable wrinkles when she moves them!
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Patrice Hepburn's Sexy Sole Show

  Added 28th Jun 2017
Patrice has some of the most petite and flexible feet of any t-girl we've see. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her soles and wrinkled right up. She crosses and uncrosses her ankles, giving you a nice soles show. Her unpainted toes nails are quite the treat for a foot worshiping dude.